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Software quality does not rely only on testing. It also depends on code best practices (subject to another day) and, some of the best practices can be achieved with the application of static code analysis.

Our software products development begins with code. Improving its quality can lead to finding bugs earlier in the process and, consequently, reducing costs. Therefore, let’s start doing static code analysis. It doesn’t take much time and can bring us huge gains.

For the fellows thinking something like ‘what the hell is static code analysis?’, Here follows your answer…

This is an analysis done in our…

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I use to sign as a Quality Assurance Engineer but, what this means? Am I applying the right name for my job? If you have the same question as me, let’s check the most known quality assurance/ testing roles and their meanings.

Firstly, we need to understand that quality assurance and testing is not the same thing. While quality assurance focuses more on the processes, testing focuses more on the products.

Quality assurance (QA) is the set of processes used to manage and create a good product. …

Girl studying
Girl studying
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For the ones not familiarized with the sigla ISTQB, it stands for International Software Testing Qualifications Boards and is “the worldwide leader in the certification of competencies in software testing”.

If you are a tester or already check some testing job opportunities, you should have seen that ISTQB certification is usually a requirement we must/ should have.

I have the Foundation Level for four years counting and, I remember I felt the difference in the approaches from companies HR after adding the certification to my LinkedIn profile.

Therefore, more than the learning we can acquire doing ISTQB certifications, I think…

Some will say ‘yea’ others will say ‘nay’. In my view, it’s here to stay, and I’ll try to get an advantage from that.

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Not sure how is it going in your countries but, in mine (Portugal), everybody with jobs that allowed has started working from home at the beginning of the pandemic and here we still.

But now, the remote work is being rethought, among the companies and within the government. As the vaccines are spreading amid the population and, all this pandemic issue is becoming an endemic issue.

A few months ago, our government decreed remote work until the end of the current year but, now there are rumours about a slow return to the offices in 15 days. …

Fragile person screaming
Fragile person screaming
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I have never heard the word burnout until all this pandemic thing came. Everyone in my company was sent home and, from times to times, our bosses start asking us how do we feel and if we are reaching burnout…

I resorted to the internet to understand the meaning of the word when I realized that it affects many people, mostly the Millenial generation, just like me. …

Are you one of the people who change the hands between the keyboard and the mouse while using IntelliJ? Today I’ll present to you some of the most useful shortcuts.

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If you never noticed, IntelliJ provide us with a keymap, which is a list of all the existing shortcuts we can learn and apply in IntelliJ.

The keymap can be reached through the IDE by accessing Help > Keymap Reference. By clicking on it, a new browser window opens with the list of the shortcuts. There are two pages, one for Windows and Linux and another for macOS, you just need to choose the one you are using.

Since the list is too extensive, now we will create a small list with the handiest shortcuts, which I use in my…

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Last night I took 120 minutes seeing the newly HBO release — “Locked Down”. Everything started with a notification at my phone about this new HBO release but, I could not resist seeing it after check the movie’s name and stars (Chiwetel Ejiofor, Anne Hathaway).

Created by Stephen Knight, the same writer of Peaky Blinders, it starts as a movie about the pandemic-era and a relationship drama but, quickly changes to a film about an assault.


In a broadly way, it is about a couple living a fragile moment of their relationship. …

calendar, checklist and computer — planning a productive working day
calendar, checklist and computer — planning a productive working day
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One of our biggest challenges is to be the most productive as possible during our working time frame.

It is too easy to disperse and do other things or talk about “nothing” with our colleagues. It is needed and funny! We just need to understand our daily priorities and maximize the ways of doing well in less time. If we do so, we will have time to work and time to play.

The next tools and tricks are more targeted to people who work with computers but, please also give a chance to the article if you are not one…

• Sofia Rebelo •

An amateur author that likes to learn while writing • A full-time Quality Assurance Engineer

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